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Renewals + Move-Outs

Staying or going, make it a great experience

We know you’re on a mission to reduce turn-over. That’s why Yuhu makes renewals frictionless and digital from start to finish. And for those times when renewal just isn’t in the cards, our move-out reports make it easy to track the condition of your units.


Staying put has never been easier. Yuhu’s streamlined renewal workflows allows your residents to digitally select, sign and complete the renewal process.

Digital from start to finish

Your residents will enjoy the convenience of an all-digital process that can be completed when it works best for them.

Fast and frictionless

Reduce the time to acceptance by removing barriers from the renewal process.

Yardi renewal proposals

Create renewal proposals within your Yardi instance, and then let Yuhu take it from there!


“Launching a resident portal was an important milestone for the team at CAPREIT. Yuhu’s platform was the perfect match for our needs; it provides an easy to use solution for our residents while being robust enough to support our operational processes. The team at Yuhu was very professional and collaborative which enhanced the overall experience of working with them to create our own platform. We are thrilled we chose to partner with them on this project.”

Adelia Machado
Director of Operations, CAPREIT


No matter how effective you are at retaining residents, move-outs are a fact of life. Make the process quick, painless, and accurate with Yuhu’s tools.

Templated inspections

Conduct move-out inspections with ease by using Yuhu’s templates. Give your team the tools they need to never miss an important item on your checklist.

Move-out reports

Easily add inspections to your move-out reports and give yourself peace of mind with signatures from residents and staff.

Damage estimates

Get ahead of your damage assessments by generating an estimate of damages to bill back to residents on move out.

Ready to triumph over turnover?

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