Inspiring Belonging


The smart money's on Yuhu

It’s your money, so why let anyone hold onto it? Yuhu offers a frictionless and secure way for residents to pay with no trust accounts or intermediaries.

Easy collection

Your residents have options! Collect payments with ACH, direct debit, credit card, and Visa or Mastercard debit.


Our native integration with PaySafe ensures that your money is handled safely and securely.

No intermediaries

We never put trust accounts or intermediaries between you and your money.

Yardi integration

Yardi users can take advantage of existing features such as auto-NSF posting and batch processing.

Flexible account structure

Yuhu can send funds to a primary or property-specific accounts based on your organization’s structure.

Easy reconcilation

Transaction-level reports allow you to easily track debits and credits allocated to your property bank accounts.

Ready for painless payments?

Say the word and our helpful team will reach out for a personalized tour through Yuhu. We can’t wait to meet you!